Dr. Ruth I. Johnson
Office:  860 685 2963

Ruth completed her B.Sc. at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) and Ph.D.  at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). She was a post-doctoral research fellow with Ross Cagan at Washington University School of Medicine and Mount Sinai School of Medicine before joining Wesleyan to establish her research group in July 2011.

Graduate students

Miles DeAngelis (from January 2016)

Current undergraduates

Kayla Jaikaran (since Summer 2019)

Calvin Coffey (since Summer 2018)

Emily McGhie (since Summer 2017)

Abigail Matlack (since Spring 2017)

Lab Alums

Arielle Ashley (Fall 2016-Summer 2019) – pursuing her MD training.

Harold Pang (Summer 2017)

Henry Bushnell (2014-2017) – joined the Melton Lab at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute as a research technician in September 2017.

Redwan Bhuiyan (2015-2016) – pursuing MD-PhD at UCONN School of Medicine.

Kwami Ketosugbo (Masters student, 2015-2016)

Hannah Yasin (2012-2015) – pursuing her MD at UA Medical School.

Richard Choe (2013-2014) – enrolled in a masters program.

Laura deJonge (Masters, 2013-2014) – now a PhD student in Germany.

Christina Feiler (Masters’, 2012-2013) – now a post-doctoral fellow in Germany.

Sam van Rensburg (Masters’, 2013-2015) – pursuing a post-grad degree in nursing.

Mark Hellerman (2012-2014) – has completed his MD at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and is now doing his residency in Internal Medicine.

Dana Drost

Lily Martin

Ethan Moritz

Do you want to join the Johnson Lab?

Undergraduates that would like to participate in our research program should contact Ruth Johnson (  In your email please briefly explain why research is important to your development as a young scientist; what topics in biology are most interesting to you and which courses you completed at Wesleyan that have prepared you for research in our Lab.  Attach an (unofficial) copy of your transcript.

Students interested in joining Wesleyan’s exclusive PhD program should see and contact Ruth to discuss PhD opportunities in her lab.